Disability-Long Term

For all full-time employees who need to be away from work for medical reasons for more than 90 days.

The College purchases long-term disability insurance to support employees whose medical leaves of absence extend beyond 90 days.  An employee’s qualification for the insurance is determined by the College’s LTD insurance carrier.  Should the employee qualify for LTD insurance, the current insurance payments are at 60% of the employee’s salary.  The insurance carrier may impose certain conditions (e.g., require application for Social Security disability benefits) for receipt of LTD benefits.  The College reserves the right to change its LTD insurance terms and/or carrier at any time, as well as any of the other terms in this practice.            

During a long-term disability period, College-paid benefits (e.g., health care insurance) will generally cease.  The employee, who has been approved for LTD, may continue to participate in the College’s medical and/or dental benefits at their own expense under the continuation of benefits provisions of COBRA.

Plan Summary

The current carrier for the Long-Term Disability insurance is Metropolitan Life.