Health Insurance Plans

The College offers all eligible employees several health insurance options as a means to address different needs.

2021 Health Insurance Options:

The college offers two health insurance plans through Independence Blue Cross.  One is a high deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account (the base plan) and the other is a buy up plan.

Cost of the Plans:

The college’s contribution for the employee and eligible dependents varies based on the plan selected.  The college contributes most of the premium for the employee for a base plan and a portion of the premium for coverage of spouse and eligible dependents. 

A complete listing of the plans available and the college’s and employee’s contribution levels is provided annually in advance of the open enrollment period in November during which employees may select their coverage for the new plan year.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Benefits

High Deductible Health Plan Summary (Base Plan)

2021 High Deductible Health Plan Summary

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
For eligible employees in the High Deductible Health Plan, the college will help manage the annual deductible by providing funds for the health savings account. For current employees, the 2019 contribution will increase to $350 and the college will deposit the full amount into each HSA account in January.  For new entrants into the plan, this amount is equivalent to $25 per month and will be prorated based on the date of eligibility. Details on HSA

Buy-Up Plan Summary

2021 Buy-Up Plan Summary

The college provides the same level of support to those who choose the buy-up plan as it provides to those in the base plan. The overall effect for this plan results in employee contributions that do not reflect the same increase as the base plan. 

Opting Out of the Medical Plans

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the opt-out credit will no longer be supported. For those who have who have health insurance coverage elsewhere, you may opt out of the college’s program.  If you choose this option, you must verify that you have other insurance.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Health Care and Dependent Care 

The college will support a healthcare FSA for those who enroll in the Buy-Up Plan or opt out of our plan. It will continue to support a dependent care FSA for those who have child-care expenses.  The college does not contribute to an FSA because it is solely employee funded. Details on FSA