Tuition Assistance Program

Tuition Assistance for Full-Time Employees

The Board of Directors has approved a program of educational assistance for college employees, their spouses and their dependent children for higher education tuition. Educational assistance, when granted, is limited to candidates studying for a baccalaureate degree in a fully-accredited institution of higher learning, and is applied only to tuition costs. Charges for room, board, fees, books and other administrative expenses are not included in the educational assistance program. Educational assistance is limited to a total of eight semesters per dependent child.

Aid to full-time employees may be provided in one of two ways: (1) tuition remission at Ursinus College, for employees, eligible dependent children or spouse; and (2) tuition exchange, for eligible dependent children only, at another institution.

For tenured faculty members hired before January 1, 1995, a tuition grant, for eligible dependent children only, is also available.  Information on the criteria for this program can be accessed here.

Employees must first submit the Educational Assistance Programs Approval Request form to Human Resources for approval before their child apples to Tuition Exchange schools or as soon as their child/spouse is accepted to Ursinus College.  Restrictions with employee length of service can be found in the descriptions below.

(1) Tuition Remission At Ursinus College

After completing three months of continuous full-time service, employees may attend classes at Ursinus with full tuition remission.

After one year of continuous full-time service, a spouse and/or dependent children who qualify for admission are entitled to full tuition remission for classes at Ursinus. Forms for approving this benefit are available in the Human Resources Office.

(2) Tuition Exchange

After three years of continuous full-time service, eligible dependent children of employees may apply for a tuition grant at institutions that are members of the Tuition Exchange Program. A list of participating institutions is available at the Student Financial Services Office. The receiving institution has full jurisdiction over the award of these grants. Since each institution maintains a balance between the number of students it accepts and the number it sends out, it is not always possible for every eligible child to gain a tuition grant.

Once eligibility confirmation for length of service is received, employee will need to complete the EZ online application on the Tuition Exchange website. 

Tuition Assistance For Part-time Employees

After completing three months of service, part-time employees may attend classes at Ursinus with full tuition remission.

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