Student Employment on Campus

Working on campus is a great option because college employers are often more flexible about scheduling your work hours around your class schedule, and transportation and travel time are seldom a problem.

All student on campus employment opportunities are in Handshake.  Please see Career and Post Graduate Development web page for more information.

Important Links

Student Contracts

A completed contract MUST be submitted to the Human Resources Office prior to a Student working.


Residency Certification Form (new students must complete & returning students must complete if address changes)

I-9 Form (pdf) (Employment Eligibility Verification) Must be completed before beginning work by all new employees. Original identification must be presented with I-9.

W-4 (pdf)
Must be completed by all new employees or to make changes to a previously filed W-4. NOTE: If you claim exemption from federal tax withholding, a NEW W-4 must be submitted at the beginning of each calendar year in order to maintain the exemption status.

Direct Deposit Form (pdf)
Must be submitted for direct deposit of your paycheck.  Please submit changes of banking information ASAP.  Upon submission to Business Office, it usually will require one complete payroll cycle to take effect.

ALL new student hires MUST complete and submit the new hire paperwork to Human Resources BEFORE they start working.