Working on Campus

Getting a Job on Campus

Student Employment Checklist
A quick guide to the steps and forms that are necessary for working on campus, being placed on payroll, and getting paid. This is meant to be a guide. You may need to complete every step/form, or you may be able to skip some of the steps/forms.

For more detailed explanations, refer to specific areas listed below.

Student Employment Contracts

A Student Employment Contract must be filled out for every job you have on campus. For example, if you are working in three different jobs, then you must complete three student employment contracts. IMPORTANT: you cannot get paid for working in your particular campus job until Payroll, located in the Business Office, has a completed Student Employment Contract for your position.

You may print a Student Employment Contract online or paper copies are available in the Business Office, 2nd Floor, Corson Hall.  The student fills out part A and the hiring manager fills in part B 

Instructions for completion of the Student Employment Contract are located on the form itself. Incomplete contracts will be returned to the student with explanation for completion.


Submission of a completed student employment contract, along with any other required documents per the Student Employment Checklist, will cause a timesheet to be generated for that particular job. Timesheets are mailed every other Wednesday to the various departments on campus employing students.

If your department is not receiving a timesheet for you, it could mean that you have failed to hand in all the necessary documents to be placed on payroll. Contact Nancy Imes, ext. 3597, in the Business Office to find out why you are not receiving a timesheet.

A timesheet is a legal document showing that both student employee and supervisor agree to the hours as stated. Therefore, timesheets are to be signed by BOTH the supervisor and student. Students are not permitted to sign off on a timesheet as a supervisor.

Incomplete timesheets or those without both the supervisor and employee signature will be returned to the department for completion. Upon receipt of the completed timesheet, hours will be processed with the next scheduled payroll.