Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Policy


The goal of this policy is to provide an environment for employment free from discrimination in conformance with applicable legislation.


Ursinus College does not discriminate on grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, creed, ancestry, veteran status, marital status, disability, or other classification protected by applicable law with respect to all aspects of employment.

Ursinus College complies with all federal, state, and local statutes and regulations governing employment practices.

Ursinus College is an equal employment/affirmative action employer.

All employees are expected to abide by Ursinus College’s equal employment/affirmative action policy.

Specifically, in matters affecting employment and application for employment, the College will take affirmative action to ensure that each employee and applicant, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, creed, ancestry, veteran status, marital status, or disability (except as limitations may be mandate by law) is accorded equal treatment with respect to terms and conditions of employment, including recruitment, hiring, placement, and opportunities for advancement. The College will make good-faith efforts to enhance employment opportunities for minorities and women compatible with the availability of qualified candidates in relevant employment markets in which Ursinus College is able to recruit.


The President of Ursinus College is responsible for the overall implementation of this policy. Inquiries should be directed to Kim Taylor, Title IX Coordinator
(, 610-409-3333).


In order to implement the policy, the College will take the following actions:


The College will disseminate information about its policy externally and internally in order to assure that employees and prospective employees are adequately informed and encouraged.

1. External

The College will seek out and contract appropriate community organizations, including minority group organizations, regarding its employment needs. All such sources of candidates will be advised of the policy and will be encouraged to recommend qualified applicants.

The College will identify itself as an equal opportunity employer in all advertising of positions.

The College will use for job referral purposes only employment agencies and organizations that do not discriminate on the basis of race in making referrals.

The College will periodically publicize its policy in area newspapers.

2. Internal

Handbooks for faculty and staff will contain the statement of policy.

Campus publications (e.g., the Grizzly, Good Morning, Ursinus email) will periodically contain the statement of policy.

The policy will be included in employee orientation programs, evaluation communication, and supervisory workshops.

3. Other Communications

The College will notify vendors and sub-contractors of the policy and show minority men and women and non-minority women in College publications.

Copies of this policy will be disseminated to all appropriate groups within Ursinus College, including the Board of Directors, faculty, and other staff members who may be involved in the employing process.

Through periodic meetings of employees, attitudes favorable to the employment of minority and women candidates will be fostered throughout the College.


When positions become open, the College will take affirmative steps to identify a representative number of qualified minority and women applicants. 
There are four categories of positions, full-time faculty, part-time faculty, administrative staff positions, and support staff positions.
Certain steps apply to all four categories. These include the following:

—-Posting on campus email network for internal notification.
—-Posting on the College’s website for internal and external notification.
—-Advertising in external publications.

Special steps will be taken for each category of applicant:

(1) Full-Time Faculty: Advertising in the Chronicle of Higher Education, minority faculty recruiting publication, professional journals and publications of the discipline, listing with certain placement services and bureaus and appropriate graduate and/or professional schools.

(2) Part-Time Faculty: Steps for recruiting part-time faculty will be taken as outlined above for all full-time faculty if the nature of the appointment is ongoing and not a temporary addition.

(3) Administrative Staff: Advertising in specialized publications for particular positions and publication read by minority professionals.

(4) Support Staff: Advertising in area newspapers.


All applications for all positions will be kept on file for a period of one year.


Job descriptions will be reviewed to ensure that the requirements in themselves do not constitute inadvertent discrimination and that specifications are free of bias.

All persons involved in the recruitment, screening, selection, and promotion process will have access to position specifications.


All full-time employees of the College are permitted to take courses at no tuition charge in the Evening Division after three months of service. Periodic reviews will be made to encourage minority and women employees to take advantage of this potential for preparing for advancement.


The foregoing is the Affirmative Action Policy of Ursinus College. The College is resolved that all available resources will be mobilized for a good-faith effort to attain the indicated goals. This policy will be subject to periodic review.


In conformity with the spirit of the Ursinus College Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Policy, it is the policy of this institution that all members of the college community shall, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, creed, ancestry, veteran status, marital status, disability, or other classification protected by applicable law, are accorded equal treatment with respect to terms and conditions of employment including placement and opportunities for advancement.

The procedures for bringing an EEO/AA complaint is as follows:

The person who believes there is a violation of his/her rights under the Ursinus College policy is encouraged to report the situation to the Vice President for Finance or other designee of the President. The individual to whom the matter is referred will then ascertain the relevant facts, inform the college officials of the nature of the complaint and attempt to resolve the situation through informal processes including discussions with the parties involved. If the informal procedures do not achieve a resolution satisfactory to the complainant, the complainant may continue the complaint with a formal written charge(s). The Vice President for Finance and Administration or other designee will constitute an ad hoc committee of three members who will hear all parties, consider the complaint and will render judgment in writing to the Vice President for Finance or other designee and to the President.

After consultation with the ad hoc committee, the Vice President for Finance will make a decision and will inform the complainant.

If the complainant disagrees with the decision of the above, the complainant may appeal the decision to the President of the College who is responsible for the overall implementation of this policy.