Employees as Representatives of Ursinus College

The appearance and reputation of the College are not separate from the appearance and conduct of employees in their activities on or off campus.

All employees are responsible for following academic, business, professional and moral practices and regulations that conform to those principles which reflect the highest level of personal conduct.

To insure the college speaks with one voice, any employee receiving a query from any news media shall refer it to the Office of College Communications.

Employees may not accept personal gifts or other favors from persons, organizations or students with whom the College has academic or business relations unless they have a nominal value and do not affect the relationship between the College and a third party.

All property of the College, whether assigned or under an employee’s responsibility should be protected from misuse, theft and unsafe activity. All items, such as credit cards, keys, I.D. cards, laptops, manuals, books and materials are to be returned at the end of your College employment.

The success of the College depends on the skills, knowledge and interaction of all employees and their effectiveness in dealing with student concerns. All students must be treated with dignity and respect with regard to conflicts, current issues, academic and business practices. This may entail advice, direction and good judgment in one’s areas of special interest or responsibility.