Inclement Weather

This policy provides our guidelines when inclement weather affects the normal work schedule.

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Information / Clarification on Policy

The policy includes defining essential vs. non-essential personnel and the roles of each should the college need to make decisions about closings due to weather. 

Essential Personnel for purposes of this policy include:

  • Campus Safety Staff
  • Facilities Staff
  • Library (limited staff)
  • Tech Support (limited staff)
  • Student Affairs Crisis Response Team – ON-CALL
  • College Communications – ON-CALL
  • Director of Athletics – ON-CALL
  • Information Technology – ON-CALL
  • VP Staff – ON-CALL

Please note: On-Call staff do not need to be in their office but available for phone consult or arrive on campus, if needed.  Limited staff refers to the use of staff and/or student staff. 

**The Director Facilities and the Director of Campus Safety are responsible for their own essential personnel plan during inclement weather. 

All other faculty, staff and administrators who are not designated as Essential Personnel shall be known as “Non-Essential Personnel.

The policy allows staff to make up work within the same pay period for time missed due to weather conditions or to use paid time off should one decide to stay home, leave early or arrive late outside of the decisions of the college.  Employees may use five of the eligible sick days annually for personal time, including inclement weather.  Please keep in mind that personal days are meant to be used for weather-related circumstances, family emergencies, doctor’s appointments, etc.  They are not to be used to extend eligible vacation time.

The policy also defines how employees are to be paid should an institutional decision be made to completely close, close early or open late.