Lactation Accommodation Policy

Ursinus College supports breastfeeding mothers by accommodating mothers who wish to express breast milk during the workday when separated from her newborn child. 

For up to one year following the birth of the child, any full time employee who is breastfeeding her own child or an adopted child will be provided reasonable break periods to express breast milk for her newborn. The employee and her immediate supervisor will agree on the times for these breaks. Employees may also utilize any paid break or meal time each day for purposes of expressing milk. 

Human Resources will work with each nursing mother to determine a private area in which they may express milk.

Retaliation, harassment and discrimination in any way against an employee who chooses to express breast milk in the workplace are strictly prohibited.

The College may require medical certification to support the stated intent of this policy. Employees wishing to express milk in the workplace are encourage to provide the Human Resources Office or their supervisor as much notice as possible to allow the opportunity to establish a location and schedule.