Hiring Practices

In support of the College’s Non-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (“Policy”), the College will strive to undertake the following practices:


The College will disseminate information about its Policy externally and internally in order to assure that employees and prospective employees are adequately informed and encouraged.

  1. External

The College will seek out and contract appropriate community organizations, including under-represented group organizations, regarding its employment needs.

The College will identify itself as an equal opportunity employer in all advertising of positions.

The College will use for job referral purposes only employment agencies and organizations that do not discriminate in making referrals.

  1. Internal

Handbooks for faculty and staff will contain the statement of Policy.

The Policy will be included in employee orientation programs.

  1. Other Communications

Copies of this Policy will be made available to all appropriate groups within Ursinus College, including the Board of Trustees, faculty, and other staff members who may be involved in the employing process.


When positions become open, the College will take affirmative steps to post these positions both internally and externally to support a broad level of advertising and networking. This allows for a strong candidate pool that will include qualified applicants from under-represented groups.
There are four categories of positions, full-time faculty, part-time faculty, administrative staff positions, and support staff positions.
Certain steps apply to all four categories. These include the following:

—-Posting on campus email network for internal notification.
—-Posting on the College’s website for internal and external notification.
—-Advertising in external publications.

Special steps will be taken for each category of applicant:

(1) Full-Time Faculty: Advertising online with Inside Higher Ed minority faculty recruiting publication, professional journals and publications of the discipline, listing with certain placement services and bureaus and appropriate graduate and/or professional schools. In addition, HR advertises these positions on the College’s website and HERC.

(2) Part-Time Faculty: Steps for recruiting part-time faculty will be taken as outlined above for all full-time faculty if the nature of the appointment is ongoing and not a temporary addition. In addition, HR posts these positions on the College’s website and HERC.

(3) Administrative Staff: Advertising in specialized publications for particular positions Depending on position, we use specialized publications, multiple listservs, and professional publications. We also use higheredjobs.com, Indeed.com and HERC.

(4) Support Staff: Advertising in area newspapers. We currently are posting on website only for 2 weeks and then if applicant pool is weak, we post in area newspapers. All positions submitted to ADP (which is our online application process for all jobs) feeds automatically to Indeed.com, which is a job search engine that virtually anyone can access from anywhere. This generally creates a strong pool and is available to all groups of applicants.


All applications for all positions will be kept on file for a period of one year.


Job descriptions will be reviewed to ensure that the requirements in themselves do not constitute inadvertent discrimination and that specifications are free of bias. Job descriptions must be submitted during the new job request approval process and reviewed by HR prior to the final approval.

All persons involved in the recruitment, screening, selection, and promotion process will have access to position specifications.