Overtime Authorization

Non-exempt (hourly) employees may work overtime occasionally because of operating needs.

All time worked must be recorded as indicated on time cards or time sheets. Prior approval of the supervisor is required for compensation for any work performed outside one’s regular schedule.


Non-exempt (hourly) employee may be asked by their supervisor to work hours in addition to their regularly scheduled hours.

Non-exempt (hourly) employees are paid at their base hourly rate for the first forty (40) hours worked in a workweek.

Non-exempt (hourly) employees, who work more than forty (40) hours in a workweek, are paid at one and one-half times their hourly base rate for the hours worked beyond the forty hour per workweek.

Hours for holiday time are not included in the hours worked for calculating overtime. Employees who work on a holiday are paid both for the holiday and for the hours worked.

Hours for sick and personal time are not included in the hours during the workweek for calculating overtime. 

Hours for vacation, funeral leave, and jury duty time scheduled during a workweek are included in the hours for calculating overtime.

In special situations, supervisor may ask employees to return to work or to report to work early. When the employee is asked to return to work before the next scheduled work period, the hours worked before the next scheduled work period will be considered overtime hours.