Pilot Pets on Campus Policy

Dog Agreement


Pets and animals are not permitted to be inside College buildings or other controlled spaces on campus unless expressly permitted by this Policy or unless they are approved service animals, approved emotional support animals, or animals specially approved for educational purposes (e.g., research animals).

Employees may have their dog (but not other animals) inside their private office so long as there are no health and safety concerns raised by others in the building and the dog is not disruptive to the regular work environment. Dogs are not allowed to go outside the private office into public areas except for purposes of ingress/egress. Pets and animals are not permitted to be in shared offices or, except for ingress/egress to a private office, in public areas/spaces. Only one dog per employee is allowed on campus at a time.

Particular spaces where pets and animals (including dogs) are not allowed include, but are not limited to, the following: all instructional spaces (classrooms, labs, studios); all athletics facilities; the Berman; Wismer; the Commons/Welcome Center; Corson Hall; Facilities; administrative buildings, auditoriums, theatres and other large indoor gathering spaces; and any place where food is served/available.

Employees who bring their dog to work must sign and agree to abide by the terms of a Dog Agreement (see attached). Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dog, must properly contain/restrain the dog when the owner is not present, and must ensure that their offices remain clean.

Particular offices and departments may establish rules for pets and animals more stringent than this Policy (so long as they permit exceptions pursuant to the College’s Disability Policy). Employees in Campus Safety and Facilities as well as clinical staff in Health and Wellness are not permitted to bring a dog (or pet) to campus during work hours under this Policy.

Employees residing in College housing must obtain permission from Human Resources to have a pet in their residence.

Dogs (but not other animals) are permitted outside of College buildings on campus roads, walkways and grounds (excepting athletics fields, tracks and courts). All dogs must be leashed at all times and must be under the control of and in close proximity to the caretaker. Caretakers are responsible for their pets at all times and must promptly and properly dispose of pet waste.

All pets must be tagged, registered and vaccinated in accordance with Pennsylvania law. The College reserves the right to prohibit pets and animals that violate this policy.


A Hound Council is responsible for adjudicating potential violations of the Policy. It will be composed of faculty and staff to determine the existence and consequences of violations including fines and potential removal of the dog from campus.

Employees are encouraged (but not required) whenever reasonably possible to speak with the dog owner about incidents or concerns relating to the dog to see if an informal resolution of the matter is possible. Dog owners must be respectful and responsive to their co-workers, colleagues and students by being fully responsible for addressing any such problems or concerns.

Employees wishing to report violations of this Policy or concerns about a particular dog should contact the Office of Human Resources, which will present the matter to the Hound Council. Human Resources will maintain any confidential medical information involving employees which is offered in support of or in opposition to a particular dog on campus. Any member of the Hound Council who are involved in the complaint at issue shall recuse themselves. The Hound Council will adjudicate the matter, impose any interim measures it deems appropriate, conducting the investigation it deems appropriate, determine the appropriate consequences for any violations, and reporting its decision to the relevant parties.

Any dog bite or dog incident that involves physical harm or property damage inflicted by a dog must be immediately reported to Campus Safety. All applicable PA state dog laws under Title 3 P.S. Chapter 8 Dogs and Cats will be followed. The Director of Campus Safety or the Director’s designee has the authority to suspend the dog-on-campus privilege pending investigation of any such incident, and will also notify Human Resources of any damage or injury. Suspension requires immediate removal of the dog from campus until such time as the Council can review the situation. Dog bites, no matter how severe or insignificant will be cause for the immediate and permanent removal of the dog from campus. When appropriate, the Director of Campus Safety can also call Animal Control to assist in the handling of dog incidents.

Policy Review


The College reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

This Policy is a pilot and will be revisited within six months of its adoption.

Approved by President’s Council in March 2024.