Pets on Campus Policy

Pets and animals are not allowed in any campus buildings with the following exceptions. Animals specially approved for educational purposes (e.g., research animals) are allowed in the approved area. Individuals with disabilities are allowed to bring service animals or emotional support animals into campus buildings, consistent with and after obtaining approval under the College’s Disability Policy (click here). Employees residing in College housing must obtain permission from Human Resources to have a pet in their residence, and may be subject to other conditions set by Human Resources.

Dogs (but not other pets) are permitted outside of College buildings on campus roads, walkways and grounds (excepting athletics fields, tracks and courts). All dogs must be leashed at all times and must be under the control of and in close proximity to the caretaker.

Caretakers are responsible for their pets at all times and must promptly and properly dispose of pet waste. All pets must be tagged, registered and vaccinated in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

The College reserves the right to prohibit pets and animals that violate this policy.