Summer Flexible Schedule Policy

At the discretion of each department head, regular full-time employees may be given the opportunity to work flexible hours during a prescribed time period each summer.

If applicable, this schedule may consist of any of the following flexible arrangements: 

  • condensing the normal week’s work hours into four working days (compressed work schedule)
  • working the same hours each day but at different times; such as starting earlier each day to leave at an earlier time or arriving later each day resulting in a later end time,
  • working additional hours each day on four working days to allow for a shorter day on one day throughout the work week.

Because we continue to host prospective students, job candidates and others during the summer, we want the campus to appear vital every day of the work week. So, each department must maintain a level of activity, not everyone can take the same day off. 

For those who choose to participate in this program, it is expected that your total hours worked for each week will reflect the total of hours in your normal work week (i.e. 35, 37.5 or 40 hours).

Due to different demands of each area, it may not be feasible for all departments to participate in the summer schedule.  Each department head will have the responsibility for determining whether it is feasible to participate.

Acknowledging that each department has different demands, the time period for summer scheduling will typically cover a six week period at some point between the first week following May commencement through the first week of August. All summer schedules will end on the second week of August when all employees are expected to return to their normal working hours.  Due to scheduled holidays, the weeks of Memorial Day and Fourth of July are excluded from summer scheduling; therefore, regular hours will be worked during those weeks.

General Information

If a department head chooses to exercise the summer schedule option, he/she shall be responsible for ensuring that the following conditions are met:

  • Schedules within departments must be staggered so that departments have ample coverage to meet the needs of their specific areas. This includes consulting with other departments to assure that the needs of collaborating areas are met. 
  • Departments that service students will remain open during the normal business hours of the college as during the academic year.
  • Department heads will closely monitor work completion to ensure that work flow and work processes continue to meet the needs of the department.
  • Flexible scheduling cannot reduce an employee’s scheduled week by more than one day. Therefore, the number of work days in a week can be no fewer than four days and no more than ten hours can be scheduled.
  • Employees who take one vacation/sick/personal day during a week of flexible scheduling shall be “charged” the number of flexible scheduled hours. For example, an employee regularly scheduled to work 40 hours will have 10 hours deducted from their paid time off benefit for the day off. Likewise, if an employee takes a full week of vacation time during the summer schedule, the normal scheduled hours (35, 37.5, or 40 hours) will be deducted from their paid time off benefit.

It may be necessary for an employee to work a regular schedule, attend an important meeting, or participate in a training session outside of the summer schedule.  The supervisor will give reasonable notice of such occasion and the employee is responsible for making the appropriate arrangements.  The college also reserves the right to terminate this policy at any time.

Departmental Summer Schedule Request (Completed by Department Supervisor)

Employee Summer Schedule Request (Completed by Employee)