Voluntary Terminations

A voluntary termination occurs when an employee resigns or separates from the College. A two-week (10 working days) written notice to the supervisor is expected for non-exempt employees. Longer notice is expected from exempt employees, preferably a month or more.

Involuntary Terminations

Lay-off is a permanent or temporary reduction of employees due to financial exigency or conditions beyond the control of the College.

Release occurs when an employee is unable to perform assignments and duties in a satisfactory manner. Opportunities for transfer, re-training or reduction in pay and position may be extended to employees before termination.

Discharge is separation from the College for cause, such as willful misconduct and violation of rules following written and verbal warnings.

Immediate dismissal is separation without prior notice or warning for behavior detrimental to property or person. Dismissed employees will leave the campus immediately. All employees involuntarily terminated have the opportunity of appeal through the appropriate procedure.

Exempt employees are employed on an annual contract. A decision to renew such contracts for the succeeding year is made by the College at least one month in advance of the ending date. Exempt employees whose contract will not be renewed will receive notification at least one month before the expiration of their current contract.

For terminating employees, payment for accrued unused vacation will normally be made in the next pay period. The continuation of benefit programs is dependent upon the type of termination, plan participation and provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Benefits Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA). Exit interviews, when possible, will be conducted by the designated personnel officer or college official. All issued College property, keys, ID cards, credit cards, laptops, clothing, etc. must be returned to the College before final payment of earnings may be made.