Whistleblower Policy

Ursinus College takes seriously its commitment to ensure a safe, ethical and lawful educational, living, and work environment. Our community places a high value on ethical behavior, individual responsibility, and personal integrity. As members of this community, we each have a responsibility to share concerns of inappropriate activity. This policy sets out process and protections for a community member – trustee, faculty, staff, employee or student (“Individual”) — reporting inappropriate activity.

Inappropriate activity can range from illegal, fraudulent, dishonest or unethical activity or other misconduct involving the College’s financial or business affairs. Examples include, but are not limited to, falsifying research data; misdirecting College funds or resources; or requiring an employee or student to do something that is clearly not related to their role at the College. Suspected violations of particular College policies, however, should generally be reported using the processes set forth in those policies. Examples include, but are not limited to, violations of the College’s Student Code of Conduct and/or policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. This Whistleblower Policy is not intended to be a substitute for these policies.

Inappropriate activity may involve an employee, Board member, student, volunteer or outside persons or firms doing business with the College.

Anyone determined to have engaged in the type of conduct described above is subject to disciplinary action by the College up to and including dismissal or expulsion, and civil action or criminal prosecution when warranted.

Reporting Suspected Inappropriate Activity

Individuals should report their submissions under this Policy with a person who can address them properly in accordance with College policies and practices. In many cases for employees, the Individual’s supervisor is in the best position to address an area of concern. If the concern relates to the terms and conditions of employment or enrollment, or is a disciplinary or grievance matter, employees or students should normally follow the established policies already in place for addressing such situations.

If an Individual is uncomfortable making such a submission to his or her supervisor or is not satisfied with the response received from that supervisor, Individuals should submit their concerns to the offices below which will investigate and/or address the concern as appropriate.

Academic Misconduct – VP Academic Affairs (610) 409-3720

Criminal Matters – Campus Safety (610) 409-3333

Employment Matters – Director of Human Resources (610) 409-3073

Financial Matters – VP for Finance and Administration (610) 409-3141

Legal Matters – VP & General Counsel (610) 409-3423

Medical or Health Matters – Wellness Center (610) 409-3100

President of the College Matters – Chair of Ursinus College Board of Trustees – Please use EthicsPoint Reporting, described below

Student Matters (other than Academic Misconduct & Employment) – VP for College and Community Engagement (610) 409-3065

All Other Matters – VP & General Counsel (610) 409-3423

If an Individual is uncomfortable reporting a concern to an appropriate person, the College has provided a process where reporting of such improprieties can be made in an anonymous manner through EthicsPoint, an independent third‐party reporting system. The Ursinus College EthicsPoint Reporting system is accessible to Individuals in several ways:

1) The College’s Human Resources website at https://www.ursinus.edu/offices/human-resources

2) By phone (or hotline) at 1-855-297-5109

3) Logging onto www.ursinus.ethicspoint.com.


Ursinus College prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a good faith effort to appropriately disclose perceived wrongdoing and the College makes every effort to redress such situations. In all cases, Individuals should report their concerns using any of the above methods when they feel they are being subjected to unethical, illegal, or improper activities or when they become aware of such activities going on at the College.

Annual Review of Policy

This Policy shall be reviewed each year and any changes made as deemed appropriate.