Work Related Injuries

Employees should report a work related injury as quickly as possible to establish a claim through our worker’s compensation carrier in order to provide support should treatment be needed.

How to Report a Claim:

Employees should report a work-related injury by completing an employee injury report form.  This form requires employees to provide personal information, detailed information about the injury sustained and information regarding any treatment that was sought as a result of the injury.

Injury Reporting Procedure

Injury Report Claim Form

How to Seek Treatment:

During the first 90 days, employees have a right to receive emergency medical treatment from any provider, however, non-emergency treatment must be given by a provider on our panel.

Employees have a right to switch among any of the panel providers when receiving treatment.  If a panel provider refers an employee to a provider not on the panel, employees have the right to receive treatment from the referral provider.

Any treatment that is sought outside of the list of panel providers will not be covered under our worker’s compensation policy.  Any financial responsibility incurred as a result of this will be the employee’s responsibility.

Medical Treatment Notice to Employee

List of Panel Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

Returning to Work:

If the treating physician places no restrictions, you simply resume your normal work duties.

If the treating physician places you on restrictions but permits you to return to work, the college will work with you to attempt to address your restrictions including providing alternative work duties within and outside your department. This position may or may not be in your normal department and/or position. You must provide a copy of the physicians note that outlines the restrictions to Human Resources.

You may not return to work until the treating physician releases you to transitional or full duty. The original physician’s note must be provided to Human Resources prior to returning to work.

For information about an open claim, please contact the carrier, SISCO, at:

1-888-377-7263, ext. 2803

P.O. Box 42737                     Baltimore, MD 21284