Seniors Returning Laptops

Seniors Returning Laptops provided through the Ursinus Laptop Program


At the end of the Spring 2020 semester, all Seniors who are currently using a laptop from the college’s Student Laptop Program must either return the laptop or decide to purchase it. Since the laptops are leased from Dell and must be shipped to them, the laptop must be returned in a timely manner to Myrin Library.

Seniors with college laptops have been notified by email and have been asked to indicate which option they choose by filling out the attached survey within the email. Please note that their student account will be charged $500, if they do not return the laptop, or if they indicate their intent to purchase the laptop and have not made made arrangements for payment at the Business Office. It is in their best interest to respond to the survey and let us know of their intentions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Spring 2020

  • Why must I return the laptop? the college leased the laptop from Dell for your use during your time at Ursinus. As part of the lease agreement, the laptop must soon be returned to Dell, or the college must purchase it for an amount determined by the leasing agency.
  • Do I receive a credit or payment for returning the laptop? No. The laptop was acquired for your use free of charge. It is your obligation to return it or purchase it.
  • If I choose to return the laptop, when and how will it need to be returned? Laptops will be collected in Myrin Library when you return to campus for the “student move out” process. If you will not be returning to campus for that process, please contact to arrange shipment of the laptop.
  • If I choose to purchase the laptop, what is the cost and process? Dell has set the buy-out cost of the laptop at $238.50 which includes the necessary sales tax. Purchase of the two-year-old laptop is entirely optional but is offered for your convenience. If you indicate that you will purchase the laptop, bring a check written to Ursinus College when you return for student move out.
  • Can I just mail the laptop back to campus or drop it off at the Library? If you mail the laptop or drop it off at the Library book return slot, we cannot guarantee that the return will be correctly credited to your account. To ensure that your account remains clear, please answer the survey and return it email us at to make arrangements for its return.
  • What if I am unable to return to campus for move out? We will handle issues such as these on a case-by-case basis. Please answer the survey and email us at to make other arrangements for returning your laptop.
  • What is the deadline for responses to the survey? Please respond by Friday, May 15.
  • What if I do nothing, what will happen? As mentioned above, failure to respond to the survey (selecting the option to purchase or return the laptop), will result in a $500 charge being added to your student account.
  • I am returning next year and still need the laptop; can I just keep it? Please notify us of your situation at, and we will discuss options.