Wireless Access

Information Technology maintains two wireless (WiFi) networks on campus, accessible to students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Ursinus Secure Network

This network is only for Ursinus faculty, staff, and students and is the preferred connection for their computers, smart phones, and tablets.  Access is conferred by entering your Ursinus username and password when prompted by your device. All others who do not have Ursinus credentials and attempt to connect will be rejected automatically by this network.

How to Access:

If you would like to connect your device to the Ursinus Secure Network Wi-Fi, please follow these instructions: How to Access Ursinus Secure WiFi.


Ursinus Public Network

The Ursinus Public Wi-Fi network can be used by students/faculty/staff or by visitors to the college, such as parents and guest lecturers. However, the way you connect to this network differs if you are a student/employee or a guest.

How to Access:

If you are a student/faculty/staff, visit Ursinus Public Network Wi-Fi: For Students and Employees for more information.

If you are a guest, such as a family member, friend, or guest lecturer, visit Ursinus Public Network Wi-Fi: For Guests for more information.