Connecting a Macintosh to Ursinus Shared Drives

How to get access to the Ursinus shared drives, also referred to as the “S” drive.

Connect a Macintosh to the Ursinus Shared drive, also known as the “S” drive.


  1. On the menu, select “GO” at the top of the screen (if go is not available, minimize any open app and click anywhere on the desktop to bring up the main ‘finder’ menu) Macintosh Finder Menu


  1. In the “Go” menu select “Connect to Server” Macintosh Go Menu Dropdown- Connect to Server


  1. For the “server address”, type “smb://ursinus.local/ucdrives” (without the quotes) in the box that is now open: Type in the Server Address


Click the “+” button next to the address line to add this to your “Favorite Server” list Add to Favorite Server List



  1. Click the “connect” button
    Connect to the Server


  1. When a login box pops up, select “Registered User” and do the following:
    • for name, use your Ursinus username (not your full e-mail address)
    • for password, use your Ursinus password
    • to avoid doing this procedure every time you restart/reconnect, click the box next to “Remember this password in my keychain” to place a check in the box.
    • Click “Connect” Enter the Name and Password for a Registered User


After each restart, you will need to re-connect to the server.

To do this, go back to “Go” then choose “Connect to server”, select the “smb://ursinus.local/ucdrives”  line in the “favorite servers” box and click “connect”.

Macintosh Go Menu Dropdown- Connect to Server

 Add to Favorite Server List

 If you saved the login information by choosing “Remember this password in my keychain” during the initial setup, the drive will be available without being prompted for a login. 

If you didn’t select “Remember this password in my keychain” during the initial setup, you will need to start the procedure over to connect to the Ursinus shared, ‘S’ drive.


When in the “S” drive, you will see a few locations.  The “Private” drive is your personal drive that you can use to back up your files.  The “Private” drive is only seen by you and accessible by you.  The “Public” drive is shared and viewed by everyone on campus and should NOT be used for personal files.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Tech Support and we’ll be glad to assist.