Recommended Minimum Computer Requirements

Certain majors in the sciences, math and computer science, and other computer intensive fields may need to increase the requirements listed below.  The student should check with the department of their major field of study to determine whether a Windows computer or Macintosh is required or recommended, and for further computer requirements. 

Chromebooks do not allow the installation of software that may be required in some courses.  Purchasing a Chromebook may require an additional computer for certain situations and classes.

The minimum requirements listed below would be suitable for running Microsoft Office, Web Browsing and other low resource use software.

    Memory: 8 Gig RAM

    Hard Drive: 500 Gig Hard drive

    Networking: 10/100/1000 ethernet (optional)

    Wireless Networking: 802.11 g/n

    USB Ports

    Sound card & speakers

    Backup System such as external hard drive, flash drives, or on-line service
    (optional but recommended)


When purchasing your computer please feel free to contact the Ursinus College Tech Support at

610-409-3789 or email

Please note:

Microsoft Office* - full personal installation available free of charge via web install. Instructions for installation of MS-Office.

*Microsoft Office is provided free of charge as part of our campus agreement. So, regardless of the computer you purchase, or where you purchase, you do not need to purchase this additional software resulting in signification cost savings.

For computers available for purchase through one of our vendors, please click here:

Computer Purchase Options


For a list of software used and provided on campus, please click here:

Available Software