Web Version of S-Drive Access

S-Drive (Shared Drives) Web version Instructions 
The instructions below show you how to access the S-Drive through a web browser.

A Few Notes Before Starting

  • For Mobile Devices, instructions can be found here: Mobile S-Drive Instructions.
  • You can also access the S-Drive by mapping/connecting it to your computer. Follow these instructions to map the S-Drive to your computer.
  • You must be connected to VPN to access the S-Drive from off-campus.


  • Click on this link: https://nanook.ursinus.edu/ucdrives/default.aspx 
    (Got an error message? Try clearing your browser history or try in another browser).  
  • Log in with your Ursinus username and password. 
  • Select the folder you want to access (Private, Public, or Shared). To return to a previous folder, click on the green arrow.  

 View a File 

  • To view a file, double click the file and choose View/Edit. Select View in Browser. If viewing a Microsoft Office file, it will require you to download a copy to your computer. If viewing anything else, it will open it in a new browser. 

Download a File/Folder 

  • To download a copy of a file to your computer, double click the file and choose Download. 
  • To download an entire folder, highlight the folder by clicking to the right of the folder name. Then click Download in the top toolbar.
  • To download a copy of a file to your OneDrive account, double click the file and choose Cloud Storages. Select Download To > OneDrive. Check the box next to the folder you wish to download it to and choose Continue.  

Upload or Back-Up a File/Folder to the S-Drive 

  • Navigate to the folder that you want the file to be in. Click on Upload in the top toolbar. Click Browse and find the file on your computer. Click Open and then Upload. 
  • If you want to upload an entire folder of files, click on Upload in the top toolbar. Check the box next to Upload folder. Then click Select folder. Click Upload twice. 

Copy a File 

  • To copy a file from one folder to another (e.g. from a Public folder to your Private folder), double click the file and choose Copy, then Copy To… Select the folder you want to copy it to and click OK. 

Edit a File 

  • To edit a file, double click the file and choose View/Edit. Choose to Edit in MS Office or Edit in Office 365. You may be prompted to sign in again. When editing in MS Office, click Save to sync the results to the web version. Changes will automatically save and sync when editing in Office 365.

Create a New File/Folder 

  • To create a new folder in the S-Drive, click on New > Folder in the top toolbar.  
  • To create a new Microsoft file in the S-Drive, click on New > Document with Office 365 in the top toolbar and choose the type of file. Give it a title. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to create the file in Office 365. Once you are finished making your changes, close the pop-up window. The changes will sync to the server and the file will appear in the S-Drive.