Conference Calling

ShoreTel 3 Party Conference (native)

Our ShoreTel phone system has a powerful list of features. One of the more useful features is the ability to host a 3-way conference call from anywhere on campus. Even the most basic Shortel phone (the 115 model) has this ability, and you can also use the ShoreTel Communicator app to do this as well.

To Begin an Ad-hoc Conference Call Using Your Shoretel Phone:

1. Pick up your handset or press the speaker button to get a dial tone.

2. Call the extension or phone number of your first conference call attendee. After they pick up the phone, ask them to hold on while you contact the other attendees.

3. Press the Conference button on your phone, then you should hear a dial tone. Dial the number of your second attendee (making sure to dial a 9 to get an outside line).

4. When the second attendee picks up, press the Conference button again to join your calls together. On a model 230 phone or higher on the LED screen you will see a “join” soft key.  Press that to join all of your conference participants.