Connect to your on campus phone account from anywhere!Connect to your on campus phone account from anywhere!

Extension Assignment (Remote)

These are simple instructions on how to make your Mitel campus phone account ring anywhere. 


Download and Install Mitel Connect on your laptop or desktop. If this is your first time logging in remember to check “use credentials” at login and use “” in the server name section. If you are working remote (anywhere away from campus) you will need to connect to the VPN first as well.

Step One: 

Open Mitel Connect

Mitel Connect Start

Step Two:

Click Your Name to Access Settings


Step Three:

Click “External Assignment Number” (**You can choose the “SoftPhone” option if you wish to answer the phone direct from your laptop/desktop.  You need to check you mic and speakers before use.**)


Step Four:

Add Your Number (Mobile, Home, Another office phone, etc)

Step Five:

Choose the option to “Automatically connect” (auto-answer preferred) or to “Press 1 to connect” (warning for Ursinus call). Also choose the number of rings (5 is standard)

Step Six:

Test your phone by calling from another or having someone call you at your office. Make sure it works.