Security Tips

Other ways to protect your email experience…

  • Never give your username and password to anyone via e-mail. Ursinus will never ask you for your password in an email.
  • Please remember not to leave your laptop unattended. If your laptop is stolen, you are responsible for reporting the theft to the local police, and paying a $500 deductible before being issued another laptop.
  • Do not click on links or attachments in spam e-mail, or from senders you do not know. Enter the address into the browser window, or go directly to the organization web site and follow the links
  • Keep up with browser and operating system software updates - especially security related updates
  • We have seen an increase in spammers sending spam by forging our e-mail addresses as the message sender; this generates a lot of ‘Non-Delivery Receipts’ (NDR), and ‘Delivery Status Notifications’ (DSN) messages to the users who’s mailbox was used as the forged sender. It does not necessarily mean that your computer or network accounts were compromised. Nor does it represent any significant security concern in and of itself. The flood of messages usually abates in a day or two, once the spammers move on to other addresses.
  • Go to and search for “protect yourself” for links to articles about protecting personal information, phishing, spear phishing, e-mail scams, safe instant messaging, safe blogging, identity theft, spoofing, backscatter spam, etc.