Remote Connections and VPN

Access your Ursinus drives from off campus.

The Ursinus VPN (Virtual Private Network)

What is “VPN”?

To use and access certain software or resources on the Ursinus College network from off campus, you will need to connect to the Ursinus VPN.  Connecting through the VPN provides a connection that mirrors the connection you would have as if you were on campus. 

Examples of Ursinus resources requiring connection to the VPN from off campus:

  • The Ursinus shared drive – the “S” drive.
  • Colleague UI
  • Mitel Connect Client

Example of Ursinus resources that DO NOT require connecting to the Ursinus VPN from off campus:

  • Ursinus email – Microsoft Outlook
  • Canvas
  • Microsoft Office 365

The VPN can only be used on Windows and Macintosh computers.  The VPN cannot be used on mobile devices such as phones, iPads and Android tablets.

The VPN requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  Information on MFA can be found here:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Here are links to the instructions: