Host or join a meeting from anywhere!

GotoMeeting Conference Solution

Connect with anyone, anywhere. On any device.

GotoMeeting is available to use for voice and presentation/screen sharing needs.

This platform is designed to increase productivity and accessibility for our Faculty and Staff.  It is designed to be used in scenarios where 4 or more individuals need to talk, and for web conferencing, remote interviews or meetings, presentations, video conferences and more.  Here at Ursinus this resource is shared; therefore, everyone is NOT granted unlimited and unrestricted access.


Please access GotoMeeting via our Ursinus Okta Portal.  You can log into Okta using your Ursinus credentials and then choose the “GotoMeeting” selection box. If you do not currently have access to GoToMeeting within Okta, please contact Tech Support.  Each product license grants a user a 250-seat license (up to 250 people can join a given meeting!)

Note: Please do not visit the main page of GotoMeeting’s website and attempt to log in with your Ursinus credentials there, as you will have trouble doing so.  Please only visit to log in to your GotoMeeting account. 


  • Collaborate more readily when you want to 
  • Meet Remotely/Collaborate from home
  • Record your meetings for future playback
  • Web/Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Eliminate the limitations created by distance and time

Your Responsibility and Understanding:

  1. Please Schedule all of your meetings within GotoMeeting.
  2. Conversely, do not use the “Recurring Meeting” function. This will assure swift clean up and a better understanding of upcoming meetings and a greater sense of security for your meetings.  
  3. Any loss of access is only temporary; If no meetings are scheduled on an account for a few weeks to a month, this may prompt temporary loss (or suspension) of access. Contact Tech Support if you need access restored.
  4. Communicate with Tech Support if you need access or if you will not be using your Gotomeeting account for a period longer than a month.  Call 610-409-3789 or email
  5. Remember: This resource is shared and respect should be given to others’ needs as they are given to yours. 

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