In the Classroom

The core curriculum at Ursinus is inquiry-based. It introduces students to a life of thoughtful deliberation, independence, and informed obligation. Issues of diversity, inclusion and equity are central to the academic and social lives of students.

Our core curriculum provides multiple avenues for students to develop their own answers to four central questions:

  • What should matter to me?
  • How should we live together?
  • How can we understand the world?
  • What will I do?

Through this inquiry students come to know themselves and the world more fully, preparing them for creative, useful, and fulfilling lives.

A liberal education pushes us not only to take a more penetrating look at the familiar norms of our own culture, but to investigate how members of other communities and societies live together, past as well as present.

As we do, we are challenged to acknowledge that others live and believe differently from ourselves. As we ask what we can learn from them, we build awareness of the needs of our fellow human beings, our obligations as citizens, and the meaning of our humanity in a more-than-human world.

Recent Student Research

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