Academic Coaching

The ISS offers individual academic coaching and group coaching sessions throughout the semester.

Our academic coaching program is designed to help students develop academic skills throughout their college career and beyond. Peer Academic Coaches are advanced standing students that have been trained to guide students in developing skills such as time management, establishing SMART goals, effective study habits, etc.

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Academic Coaching Learning Goals and Syllabus 

While participating in Academic Coaching, you will further develop skills in goal setting, time management, learning strategies, study skills, building a network of resources, test anxiety and resiliency. In the learning objective and links below, you’ll find all the resources to build the skills necessary to adjust and navigate college life at Ursinus.

Academic Coaching Syllabus

Should I see an Academic Coach or my Academic Adviser?

See an Academic Coach to find out about… See your Academic Adviser to find out about…

Staying Organized

Balancing commitments

Forming productive study habits

Using your strengths

Having accountability

Understanding your learning style

Connection to campus resources

Dropping or adding a class

Graduation requirements

Adding or changing your major

Your academic standing

Understanding academic policies

Registering for classes

Connection campus resources

Meet the Academic Coaches