Anatomy & Physiology Practice Sessions (APPS)

Students in BIO-205 & 206 (Anatomy & Physiology I & II) can request to be a part of a small group that meets with a tutor on a weekly basis. 

Students signed up for Anatomy & Physiology Practice Sessions (APPS) will meet once a week with an upperclass student who has successfully navigated BIO-205 and BIO-206 and their requisite lab components. Students will meet to review concepts, work on practice problems, and develop and strengthen the skills required to succeed in these courses. 

Students will be emailed information about signing up for an APPS group prior to the first week of the semester and sessions will begin during the second week of classes. Students will be assigned to groups on a first-come, first-served basis until the groups are filled. A waitlist will be compiled after groups have filled. 

Once assigned to a particular group, students must regularly attend their APPS sessions. Students can withdraw from the APPS program at any time by contacting Nick Hanford. 

Preparing for an APPS Meeting

Each week your APPS Instructor will answer any questions you might have about the course material, go over different academic strategies, and develop questions to test your understanding of the material. 

Coming to an APPS meeting prepared will allow you to get the most out of your time with the group. Attempting the homework, textbook readings, and other assignments will help you formulate questions for your APPS Instructor. These questions will give your Instructor a better idea of what to review in these sessions.

Spring 2020 Registration 


Contact Adam Linetty for more information.