Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Does Ursinus College provide services for students with disabilities?

Yes, accommodations and services are provided for students with documented disabilities to provide equal access to educational programs and services in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990 as amended in 2008).

2) Is there a separate admissions procedure for students with disabilities?

No, the admission process and criteria are the same for all students applying to Ursinus. Disability status will not be a consideration in admission decisions.

3) I am planning a campus visit, can I meet with someone from Disability Services during my visit?

Yes, depending on availability, you may set up a time to meet with Disability Services. Arrangements can be through the Admissions office. However, please note, Disability Services cannot make any determination of accommodations or review of documentation during campus visits. Documentation is reviewed only after students are accepted and deposited.    

4) Should I send my disability documentation with my application?

No, any disability related documentation should be submitted directly to Disability Services only after you have been accepted, chosen to attend Ursinus, and made your deposit. 

5) I have been accepted to Ursinus College, when should I request accommodations and submit documentation?

Accommodation requests for incoming students should be submitted directly to Disability Services once you have deposited. Although the accommodation process is rolling and there is no deadline, accommodation requests along with disability documentation should be submitted by July 1 to ensure that accommodations can be approved and implemented in a timely manner. Review of Accommodation requests and documentation for incoming students will not begin until after the end of the spring Semester.

6) Is there a fee for Disability Services?

No, Ursinus College does not charge a fee for Disability Services.  Students are responsible for aids or assistance of a personal nature such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, computers to be used at home or attendants for services of a personal nature including assistance with bathing, dressing or life coaching.

7) How do I request accommodations?

Students who are interested in seeking out accommodations must complete the Accommodation Request form and submit the completed form along with supporting documentation directly to Disability Services. Once this is submitted, the student should contact Disability Services to set up a meeting. It is up to the student to initiate the accommodation process and contact Disability Services. The Accommodation Request form and the Documentation Guidelines are available on the Disability Services Web page.

8) What documentation will I need?

Documentation must be relevant, comprehensive, and provide a connection to the accommodations being requested. For more information, see our Documentation Guidelines available on our Disability Services web page for more details.

9) Does Ursinus provide Dietary accommodations?

Ursinus College provides a variety of options for students with dietary restrictions including gluten free and allergy-free dining stations. Disability Services also works closely with Dinning Services to address any student concerns. More information on accommodations for dietary restrictions can be found on the Dinning Services Web page.

10)  Does Ursinus provide Assistive Technology for students with disabilities?

Disability Services does have a limited amount of Assistive Technology, (such as smart pens) available for students with disabilities to borrow. Students who are interested in the availability of Assistive Technology should contact Disability Services.  Disability Services will work collaboratively with students who have reasonable accommodations related to assistive technology use.