Strategies for Success

The greatest hurdle to overcome in coming to college is the adjustment to your schedule.  

In high school usually students’ days are filled with classes, study halls, activities and sports, all supervised by adults. Then at night parents are there to check in that work is done and expectations are being met.

In college you may only have a few classes in a day or even some days where you have no classes. You are handed a syllabus in the first class with dates that may seem far in the future and there are a myriad of free activities that are available to you. You live among your peers and can enjoy the freedom that college life provides. 

This can be some of the best years of your life or can tempt you into missing your main reason for being here, to explore the many interesting fields of study and to begin to direct your attention to what might be your future direction.

There are ways that you can receive help at Ursinus College and this website contains that information. But one aspect you have to tackle yourself. That is time management, learning how to organize your time effectively and how to meet your academic commitments.

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