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Self-Care is any act that brings you peace and relaxation from daily stress and anxiety that can stem from feeling overworked. Self-Care can be as simple as establishing a regular routine for sleep, food, and personal hygiene. 

Helpful Articles on Self-Care

Apps for Improving Self-Care

Headspace-Treat your head right


  • Guided mediation with virtual voice “Andy”
  • Helps with managing issues like stress and anxiety through daily 10 minute meditation exercises.
  • Allows the option to set reminders for meditation sessions.
  • After completing the “Take 10” 10 minute sessions for 10 days, a series of focus points unlock such as: relationships, sport, health, performance, etc.
  • More information? Click Here

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS: 9.0 or later. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


Guided Mind—Guided Meditation for Relaxation


  • Relax and get guided through meditations on a variety of topics
  • Step-by-step voice guided meditation
  • Short (5 mins), medium (15 min) or long (30+ min) meditations
  • Instrumental, nature soundscapes, with looping for continuous play
  • Easy to use with instructions
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Cost: Free

CompatibilityiOS 8.0 or later. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


Lumosity- Brain Training


  • Daily brain training workouts the challenge 5 core cognitive abilities.
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and patterns.
  • A fun app that allows the user to strengthen their cognitive abilities while playing games.
  • Features 25+ brain training games
  • Examples of tested cognitive abilities: Memory and attention.
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Cost: Free, optional in-app subscriptions

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


Self-Care Tips 

One of the most underrated, yet important things you can do for yourself while in college is to practice good self-care. Self-care is simply taking care of yourself, staying healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, and knowing when you give yourself a break. Being a college students has times when stress and anxiety can pile up making it feel like accomplishing little tasks is impossible. When this happens, remember that taking care of yourself can be as simple as going for a walk. Self-care does not and should not require any more added stress. Keep in mind the types of things that make you happy and feel good, like watching your favorite movie, hanging out with friends, going out to eat, exercising, etc. Small breaks of self-care everyday can make an impact in the long run of your overall well-being and mood.


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