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Accommodation Notification Letters 
In order for students to receive accommodation from Disability Services, you must log on to our AIM Database at the start of each semester and verify you accommodations. Once this is done, a Accommodation Notification Letter will be emailed to your professors.  

Scheduling Exams 
Students with approved testing accommodations must complete a test proctor request in our AIM database for every test or quiz. To complete a request please use the following link: AIM Exam Scheduling. 

Test proctor requests should be submitted 7 dats in advance of the test date. If the professor gives a pop quiz, work with Disability Services to coordinate those.

Although we will make every effort to late requests, we cannot guarantee these requests will be accommodated and students will need to make arrangements with their faculty.

Students take exams at the same time it is given in the classroom. To avoid missing another class, you may (with your professors permission, schedule a test earlier or later in the day. 

If the professor changes the date of the test, it is the students responsibility to let Disability Services know as soon as possible. 


Students who are interested in receiving academic accommodations, physical modifications/accommodations, and housing/food adjustments, and have not gone through the accommodation process should complete the Accommodation Request Form and contact the Director of Disability Services Shammah Bermudez via email or at 484-762-4329.