Current Students

Accommodation Letters 
Accommodation Letters will be sent out to the Students’ instructors via email, once they have submitted their Accommodation Request Form online through your Bear Accessibility Student Portal

Requesting Exam Accommodation
Students with testing accommodations approved by Disability Services for either Extended Test-Time or Distraction Reduced Testing Environment can request exam proctors or exam space by completing the Alternative Testing form. This form can be accessed through your Bear Accessibility Student Portal. Forms should be completed and submitted no less than 5 business days prior to the exam in order to ensure enough time to implement requested testing accommodations. Although we will make every effort to late requests, we cannot guarantee these requests will be accommodated and students will need to make arrangements with their faculty.

Alternative Testing Form

Request Process

  • Sign in through your Bear Accessibility Student Portal account.
  • Click on Alternative Testing.
  • Select the class your exam is in.
  • Fill out the corresponding information about your exam (date, time, duration of exam). The duration of your exam should be the amount of time that is give in class. Your extra time for the exam will be calculated after you submit the Alternative Testing Form.
  • Once form is received and arrangements are made, Disability Services will approve the Alternative Testing Request on AIM, and the student will receive an email notification. The student is responsible for arriving at the Ursinus Institute for Student Success 15 minutes prior to the exam.

Requesting Accommodations 
Students who are interested in receiving academic accommodations, physical modifications/accommodations, and housing/food adjustments, and have not gone through the accommodation process should complete the Accommodation Request Form and contact the Director of Disability Services at or 484-762-4329.