Tutoring & Help Sessions

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Individual Tutoring

All Ursinus tutors are selected based on their in-class performance and recommendations from faculty. Tutoring provides space for students to practice and learn skills necessary for academic success. Students may request a tutor for most 100 or 200-level courses (unless a help room is offered in that subject area). Tutoring is free for all students. To request an Individual Tutor, please complete the Tutor Request Form

Help Rooms

Help Rooms are open at least twice a week and provide discipline-specific support. Students are seen on a walk-in basis, with some appointments available weekly. Tutors employed in these help rooms have excelled in classes for their major. 

Group Tutoring

The Institute for Student Success also collaborates with departments on group tutoring programs for historically challenging courses. These groups meet weekly with a tutor to discuss concepts, develop effective learning strategies, and participate in various active learning exercises.

Additional Resources

Ursinus College Center for Writing and Speaking
Questions? Please email Talia Argondezzi, Director of the Center for Writing and Speaking or visit their website.

Institute for Student Success

Tel: 610-409-3400
Fax: 610-409-3731