Become a Tutor

What is a peer tutor?

Peer tutors are current students at Ursinus College who work with fellow students as academic support for specific courses and subjects. Tutors act as academic role models, helping students become independent and confident learners.

How are peer tutors chosen?

Students who feel that they possess strong skills in a specific academic area or course may apply to be a peer tutor, but a recommendation from a faculty member in the department is required. Peer tutors must be knowledgeable about the topics covered but also have the ability to make material clear to the tutee and relate well to others. The Ursinus Institute for Student Success reviews each candidate and consults with faculty about each applicant’s abilities and temperament before accepting students as peer tutors.

How are peer tutors and students matched?

Understanding the needs of the tutee makes assigning the proper tutor an important task of the Ursinus Institute. Tutee request forms are filled out by each student and reviewed by the Assistant Director, Tutoring in consultation with faculty when needed. Tutors and tutees arrange meeting times directly for every week’s session. Tutors then fill out tutoring session reports and timesheets to ensure that they are paid accordingly.