Tutoring & Academic Coaching Services

Peer tutoring and academic coaching services are available to all current students.



Academic Coaching


Notes for Scheduling an Appointment

  • You are responsible for making tutoring appointments online. You must make appointments at least 24 hours in advance and cancel them if you do not think you can make the appointment.

  • To find a tutor in the subject you are in need of assistance, use the “What subject are you looking for?” drop-down menu to narrow the tutor list by subject.

  • You may sign up with any tutor or academic coach that is available at your chosen time.

  • Click on a white block of time that you desire next to your tutor’s name and fill in the required information in the pop-up window.

  • Click “Save Appointment.” You will receive a confirmation email.

  • Please communicate with your chosen tutor to determine a place to meet.

Need More Assistance?

If you are having any difficulties accessing the services above, or would like to speak with an ISS staff member to gain more information, please stop by our office, located in lower Wismer, or call 610-409-3400.