The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness endeavors to support the mission of Ursinus College by providing a solid foundation of information, data, and analyses that has a tangible impact on decision making, planning, and assessment.  

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness takes an active role in identifying, collecting, analyzing, and applying data to assist the college to more effectively achieve its goals. The primary functions are to:

  • Coordinate institutional-focused research and analyses, peer comparisons, and benchmarking analyses (Institutional Research).

  • Work with all campus constituencies to implement and sustain student learning and institutional effectiveness assessment processes and practices to enhance our students’ educational environment and college outcomes (Institutional Effectiveness). 

  • Coordinate the timely and accurate fulfillment of mandatory reporting requirements for external compliance and voluntary responses to college guidebook publications (Institutional Reporting). 

  • Act as central repository for official college level information and data and make available to campus constituencies as appropriate (Institutional data repository).