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Research Involving Children

Any research involving children or other minors (individuals under the age of 18 years), unless the research is part of a “research practicum” experience, must be approved by the Board.
Research involving children is subject to additional regulations designed to provide for protections for children.

Special Research Topics

If your research encompasses one or more of these topics, it means the Institutional Review Board may need additional expertise or discussion time for approval:

  • Sexuality
  • Religion
  • Alcohol / Drug / Substance Use
  •  Criminal / Illegal Behavior
  • Socio-Economic Status / Wages / Income of Subject or Family Member
  • Genetics / Cloning

Special note on non-English speaking subjects
When subjects do not speak or understand English well, the researcher must prepare documents in the language that subjects can understand. The researcher must provide to the Institutional Review Board a copy of the document(s) in English, a copy in the language to be used, and a letter from an unbiased individual with expertise in the language (e.g., an Ursinus College faculty member) indicating that the translated version is complete and contains the same information as the English version.