Applying for IRB Review

The Principal Investigator (not a Student Investigator) must submit the following to enable the IRB to review their proposal.

  • If you have questions about your proposal, please consult with the IRB Chair or contact the IRB administrator at
  • You must complete training in Human Subjects Research in order to have your protocol approved by the IRB.
  • Research must not begin until your protocol is approved by the IRB. 
  • You will receive written notification of the decision by the IRB. 
  • For further information on UC IRB policies and procedures, please see our Standard Operating Procedures document, which is our go-to document when it comes to how IRB processes function at Ursinus College. 

All forms should be emailed to

  1. Application Form.  Please note that some studies may be submitted using the short form for Exempt review. Exempt Review is explained here.
  2. Informed Consent Form (and, if applicable, Child Assent and Parental Consent Form). All Consent Forms must be on Ursinus College letterhead.
  3. Study Instruments - which may include surveys, questionnaires, demographic forms, etc.
  4. Study recruitment tools or advertisements. This could include a draft of an email to the campus, a flyer to be distributed, a recruitment script read aloud, or similar materials. 

Downloadable Fillable Forms