Outside Research

Research Conducted Outside of the United States

Research conducted outside of the United Sates by Ursinus faculty, students, or staff must be reviewed in accordance with Ursinus College IRB review procedures. Such research must also conform to the standards for research involving human subjects of the host country. Collaboration with colleagues at a local institution in the host country often provides a good method for ensuring compliance with host country law and human subject conventions in research.  For more information go to INFO FOR INVESTIGATORS: RESEARCH IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

Outside Investigators Wishing to Use Ursinus College Students, Faculty or Staff as Subjects OFF CAMPUS

Research involving Ursinus College students, faculty, or staff over the age of 18 who are recruited off campus and which takes place off campus should be reviewed by the institution sponsoring the research. If the investigator is not affiliated with an institution with an overseeing IRB and the research involves Ursinus as an institution, the research should be submitted to the Ursinus College IRB following the procedures outlined here.

Outside Research Conducted ON CAMPUS 

For research involving Ursinus College students, faculty, or staff  for research that takes place on the Ursinus College campus, the primary investigator from the home institution must send a copy of the proposal, interview schedules, consent forms, and copies of flyers or advertisements to the Ursinus IRB. This information packet must also include evidence that the research has been reviewed and approved by the investigator’s home institution.

Research Conducted at Off-Campus Sites with Their Own Human Subjects Committees

If some portion of the research is conducted at another institution, that institution must also review and approve the research protocol. The Ursinus College IRB will normally request some evidence of review and agreement from the home institution. If the home institution does not have a Human Subjects Review Committee, a letter on institutional letterhead signed by an official of the home institution agreeing to permit access to the study population will be required.