All researchers covered by this Policy, including faculty and students collecting data or those who have access to the resulting data, must complete training in human subjects protection prior to submission of a proposal to the Board.

The online training module that was previously used for training purposes has been discontinued by NIH. The IRB has created a new internal training module. 

Step 1

You will find a course under Canvas titled “IRB Training Course”. If you do not have access to the course, please contact the IRB Office,

You will need to complete all sections and pass the quizzes to obtain a badge of completion.

Completion of the entire course takes approximately 3 hours. However, you can log on and off at anytime in the process and do not have to complete the course all at one time.

Step 2

After you successfully complete the training, please take a screenshot of your badge by following the instructions on Canvas and email to the IRB Office,

A copy of the badge of completion for each investigator, including student investigators, should also be printed and kept on file with the Principal Investigator.