Prepare Your External Application

 External Application Process

  1. Once the IEC approves your internal Ursinus application, you may proceed with your external application for admission to the study abroad program that was approved for you. Return to your online account and log on to view your internal application. Under Program Provider or Host Institution click on the link to the specific program in which you wish to participate. Follow the application instructions for the specific program provider or host institution. Be aware that programs offering internships may require additional forms. Begin the external application as soon as you are approved by the IEC in order to avoid problems later.
  2. Most external applications require the following: an official transcript, reference letters or forms, and a statement of purpose or essay. You must arrange to have all these items submitted to your program; we cannot forward them for you. 
    • You can find an Ursinus transcript request form here.
    • Speak to your recommenders in advance of the deadline and give them several weeks to complete a reference for you. Remember to send them a thank-you.
  3. Have a conversation (or two) with your designated program adviser for your external study abroad program. Your Program Adviser should be able to answer any program or site-specific question, from “Will I be able to take upper-division courses?” to “What kind of clothes should I pack?” and “How can I accommodate my dietary restrictions abroad?” Program advisers can also provide site-specific information on health and safety, travel, and visa issues.
  4. Most programs require you to pay a deposit or confirmation fee upon acceptance to the program.
  5. Upon admission, your program will provide you with documentation you will need to apply for a visa (if required).  
  6. Most programs will provide you with important pre-departure information regarding health and safety, housing, local transportation, etc. They may even conduct a virtual orientation or webinar.