For Advisers

Advisers can open students’ eyes to the possibilities of study abroad.

  • Encourage first-year students to pursue foreign language study. The higher the level they achieve, the more opportunities that will be open to them abroad, including internships, directed research and field work.
  • Invite first-year students to explore other cultures through coursework at Ursinus that focuses on specific countries, regions, cultures or environments.
  • Help students to choose and take courses in one or more majors so they can create a solid foundation upon which to build an international experience.
  • Emphasize the value of experiential and independent learning opportunities such as volunteering, service learning, internships, research and field work and explain that special opportunities like these are available abroad.
  • Convey the notion that study abroad should deepen or enhance the liberal arts education that students create at Ursinus. They should think carefully about their academic and personal goals for an experience abroad.
  • Explain that study abroad can be an important part of a student’s four-year education and beyond, and that it should be designed and pursued in a way that prepares them for their post-graduate future.