For Families

Sending your student on an overseas program is a big decision, and the role of the family is very important. The Center for International Programs is here to help you and your student take advantage of the opportunity to explore the world.

Study abroad can be a more intense version of the process that begins when a family leaves their child at college for the first time. Students abroad—and their families back at home—often experience feelings of ambivalence, excitement and fear of their growing independence. It can be an emotional experience that tests the patience and resilience of students and their families alike, but it is one that can teach students valuable life lessons. When encouraged and allowed to persist through these challenges on their own, students can emerge more confident in their ability to survive and thrive in the world beyond college. Study abroad is also an essential part of students’ academic and career development and, if undertaken purposefully, may give them an edge in today’s competitive job market.