Financial Information

How much does study abroad cost? Does financial aid travel? What are the extra expenses? What other scholarships are available?  

Financial Aid

Ursinus College has a “financial aid travels” policy for semester and academic year programs abroad. According to this policy approved students can use their complete financial aid package (including both need and merit-based funding) for semester/academic year study abroad.

Student Accounts and Eligibility

In order to remain eligible to participate in any study abroad program students must settle their Ursinus accounts by March 1.

Cost and Payment of Study Abroad

Regardless of their program of choice, all semester and academic year study abroad students pay Ursinus College tuition and room (plus board if provided by the program abroad), less any financial aid and/or funding award, directly to Ursinus College. The College bills each student as usual and disburses payment to the study abroad program on the student’s behalf.

Normally, short term (summer or winter break) participants bear the entire financial burden of their programs.

All students pay for their own passport and visas, airfare, books and supplies, insurance, personal expenses, and optional travel overseas.

Deposits for Study Abroad Programs

Upon accepting a student, most study abroad programs require a deposit demonstrating the student’s commitment. These are usually advance payments (not additional charges) and range from $250 to $750. Ursinus requires students to pay these deposits directly to the study abroad program and will credit students’ Ursinus accounts in the same amount for billing purposes. Deposits are nonrefundable, so if a student later withdraws from the program s/he forfeits these monies.

Financing Short Term Study Abroad

Since students do not attend Ursinus College during the interim period and do not receive financial aid for interim study, they bear the entire financial burden of interim
study abroad programs.

  • Whenever possible, however, the College will make available limited special funding to offset the expenses (rather than cover the entire cost) of such programs.
  • Interested students must indicate their interest in being considered for special funding by completing the corresponding Short-Term Funding Application which is part of the online application.
  • The IEC will begin reviewing these applications soon after the deadline on February 9, 2018 and will continue to accept applications as long as funding remains available.
  • Funding awards are based on financial need, academic excellence and merit of the proposal. Awards will be announced before spring break.
  • Students who have very high financial need and for whom the costs of passports, visas, travel, and other expenses are prohibitive may qualify for additional financial support.  Contact Abroad staff to learn more.

Late Withdrawal Policy

Upon admission to an approved study abroad program, students assume full responsibility for payment of any unrecoverable fees incurred by the College on their behalf in the event that they later withdraw from the program. Ursinus is a direct bill institution for semester or academic year experiences, meaning that the College pays study abroad programs on students’ behalf. These payments are typically due to study abroad programs well in advance of the usual Ursinus billing deadlines. Students must therefore be aware of and adhere to individual study abroad programs’ deadlines and policies for late withdrawals, refunds and penalties. If for any reason a student withdraws from a study abroad program after the program’s withdrawal deadline, the College will make a good faith effort to negotiate with the program for a refund of monies paid on the student’s behalf; however, any monies that cannot be recovered and/or any balances owed will be the complete and sole responsibility of the student. 

External Funding Opportunities

Study abroad funding may be available from a variety of external sources. See some examples below.

Program Provider Funding

Many study abroad program providers offer funding, often targeting underrepresented groups such as students of color, first generation college students, students with disabilities, LGBTQ students, students with high financial need, etc. Some organizations offer travel grants to help cover essential costs. A few of our partners who offer such funding include CAPA, CIEEIFSA-Butler, and ISEP Exchange. The St Andrews Society of Philadelphia offers competitive funding for qualifying college juniors to spend a year at one of several Scottish universities. Ursinus can nominate one student per year for this scholarship. Contact Dean Kelly Sorensen, faculty adviser, for information on how to apply.

Other External Funding

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) supports underrepresented students including student athletes. 

The Boren Awards for International Study encourages study in critical or underrepresented areas.

The Gilman Scholarship program aims to provide funding for students who have high financial need. It also provides financial support to study languages designated to be of critical importance.

Ursinus-supported scholarships and fellowships

For a list of Ursinus-supported scholarships and fellowships (some of which are for study abroad), visit the Scholarships and Fellowships page.