Linda Grace Hoyer Papers

A prolific writer with ambitions as lofty as her famous son, Linda Grace Hoyer’s literary papers are a testament to the work ethic and perseverance required of any creative writer. Her correspondence is both a chronicle of family relationships and a rich source of local history.

Linda Grace Hoyer (1904-1989) met her husband, Wesley Updike (1900-1972), as a student at Ursinus College. They both graduated from Ursinus in 1923. Their only child was Pulitzer-Prize winning author, John Updike (1932-2009). The Linda Grace Hoyer collection at Ursinus College consists of Linda’s professional and personal writings. Drafts and proofs of her many short stories as well as novels (published and unpublished) accompany correspondence with editors and publishing houses. Also in the collection is correspondence with family and friends spanning fifty years of her life.