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Our Commitment to the Ursinus Campus Community

  1. We value the welcoming and inclusive culture of Ursinus and each of the individuals who make up the college community. We treat everyone with trust, respect, patience, and responsiveness in all of our interactions.
  2. We engage in conversations with all who seek assistance from us so that we can truly understand needs and work together in partnership to find the best solutions for the individual, their group, and the College. We bring our full attention and expertise to our discussions with students, faculty and staff.
  3. We persist in the pursuit of solutions that are appropriate, effective and sustainable. While we often solve problems or answer questions quickly, we don’t give up on the more difficult issues, regularly working with others in LIT to troubleshoot and discuss potential courses of action.
  4. We advocate for positive and productive changes we believe would benefit the College. We keep abreast of issues and trends in libraries and information technology in higher education and bring ideas and possibilities to the attention of others outside of LIT for their consideration.
  5. We preserve and make accessible the history of the College, all forms of student and faculty scholarship, library collections both physical and digital, recorded training sessions and workshops, how-to documentation, historical artifacts from the local community, and much more so that the world can benefit.
  6. We educate and teach the community how to take the next steps in their journeys using and benefiting from our resources. As people who are deeply committed to the liberal arts mission of Ursinus College, we are invested in everyone’s development and success as teachers, learners, workers, leaders, and perhaps most importantly, as humans.
  7. We communicate both broadly and narrowly. We respond in a timely manner to keep people up to date on our efforts to help them. We regularly post news stories of general interest and publish updates about important changes that affect everyone. We listen to feedback and use that information to help best meet the needs of Ursinus faculty, staff and students.