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Information Technology/Tech Support

Technology Support, located on the main level of the Myrin Library, is the primary customer service unit for Information Technology at Ursinus College. We are charged with making sure technology problems are resolved to your satisfaction.

Five Ways to Request Tech Support:

Submit a ticket (preferred):

Send a text message: (610) 409-3789


Walk-up service: main floor of Myrin Library @ the Learning Curve

By telephone:  (610) 409-3789

Tech Support Hours:

Tech Support is located in the Myrin Library and must close if the library closes or has shortened hours. Check Library Hours for any special, semester break, or holiday hours.

Day* Fall & Spring
Semester Hours
Summer & Winter Break Hours

Full-time staff
8 AM - 4 PM

Student Workers
8 AM - 8 PM 

Check Library Hours

Full-time staff
8 AM - 4 PM

Student Workers
8 AM - 6 PM

Check Library Hours
Saturday Call or Email Closed
Sunday Call or Email Closed


Popular Links/Services

Assisting/Troubleshooting Remotely

(Contact Tech Support before using above link and software)

With certain issues, we may be able to assist remotely and take control of your computer through the network. You must first call Ursinus Tech Support at the number above in order for this process to work. Do not use this link unless you have called and are currently speaking with someone from Tech Support on the phone. We will direct you on the proper procedure.

Important note on potential scam: Never allow anyone to access or control your computer unless you initiated the request by calling Ursinus Tech Support first. Someone looking to steal your information may call or email you to connect with them or ask you to click a link so they can assist you. Ursinus would never do this. This is a scam.

Change Your Password

These instructions will show you how to change the password associated with your Ursinus user account. You can change your password at your own discretion, or Tech Support may ask you to change your password if they detect unusual activity on your account.

Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes website problems or site login difficulties can be solved by clearing out the cache, cookies, and history saved in your web browser. This article discusses how to accomplish these steps in several common desktop and mobile browsers.

Phone or other device questions and personal device setup

Information about WiFi and multi-factor setup (MFA) for a personal phone or device.

Ursinus College Connect (Okta)

Okta is the single sign-on system used at Ursinus College and mediates access to most systems used by students, faculty, and staff.  Your Okta dashboard lists commonly-used applications and can be used to launch and sign into those applications.

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Sunday: 12 noon - Midnight

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