Athletics Logo Files

Use these files to display the athletics visual identity online and in print.

Logos for Print

Use these EPS files to display the athletics logo in print. They may be used in graphic design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or page layout programs such as InDesign. EPS files can also be inserted into Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint slides.

Please note that you will see a preview version of the image on the screen which will not have smooth edges or curves. These images will print correctly.

Logos for Screen

These images are in the PNG format and can be used for web, email or other screen displays. Right-click on the link and choose “Save as” to download.

Additional Logos

One-color and embroidery versions, as well as logos for individual sports, are available. Contact College Communications.


These images are a trademark of Ursinus College and may only be used with permission. Any use must conform to the standards in the Brand Guide and follow our licensing procedure.

Alumni Mark
Alumni Mark Logo

Primary Letter Mark
Primary Letter Mark Logo

Primary Logo Mark
Primary Mark Logo

Primary Type Mark
Primary Type Mark Logo

Primary Visual Mark
Primary Visual Mark Logo

Secondary Letter Mark
Secondary Letter Mark Logo

Secondary Logo Mark
Secondary Mark Logo

Secondary Type Mark
Secondary Type Mark Logo

Tertiary Letter Mark
Tertiary Letter Mark Logo

Tertiary Logo Mark
Tertiary Logo

Tertiary Type Mark
Tertiary Type Mark Logo

  • College Communications

    Michelle M. Yurko
    Vice President for Advancement and External Relations

    Ed Moorhouse
    Director of Media and Communications (Media Contact)