Promoting Your Events and Announcements

How to promote your events, announcements & big news on campus tv monitors, Good Morning, Ursinus newsletter and elsewhere!

Good Morning, Ursinus Events & Announcements

How it works:
  • The Good Morning, Ursinus e-newsletter (GMU) is sent 3x a week and dynamically pulls in events and announcements that are posted to the Ursinus website (posted within ANY office or department website). They MUST first be added to the website in order to appear in the GMU.
  • All academic departments and administrative offices have a web content editor.  They are your first contact. They are your point person for posting anything related to that department, a class within the department, a project, and/or affiliated student group, etc. Contact the related department’s Web Editor first. Start by asking the administrative staff or a faculty member in the department, they can point you to the right person.
  • NOTE:  If you are a student and would like to advertise your event that has been approved by Student Engagement, please reach out to 
  • Editors will need the following information in order to create Event/Announcement:

    • For Events: Give your area editor the Date, Time,  Location and Summary Description for Event, Image (preferably not a flyer, but an image or simple graphic element related to flyer or other promotion.) and point of contact.
    • For Announcements (no image): Give your area editor the Title of Announcement, Brief announcement copy, and one link for more information. 

If you are unable to identify the web editor, contact Erin Hovey at in College Communications with the same above information.

Create and Submit Slide for Campus TV Monitors

All students, faculty and staff members can create and submit a slide to our Campus Life Channel. Slides are NOT flyers. Slides MUST be 13” x 6” or 1230px by 660px and can be created in Powerpoint, Canva, Photoshop, etc. Details and the submit button can be found here:

Create and submit a Slide for TV Monitors

Create a Short URL for better promotion

After your event is on the website, contact Erin Hovey at with the link and suggested short url.

Examples: or